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Hi all,

I think reading about people's experiences of recovering from an eating disorder really insightful and inspiring.

I think they can make be really helpful especially if you are not intensive treatment. Anorexia isolates you from the people around you and can make you feel incredibly alone. I think when I first entered inpatient treatment I remember feeling immense relief at being able to speak to people about who understood what I was going through because they were experiencing it too. While I wouldn't want anyone to have an eating disorder, it was nice to not feel so alone.

Eating disorder recovery blogs can make me feel less alone when the thoughts become overwhelming. They provide useful tips and information to help you with your recovery and give you motivation to show you that it can be done - while the road may never be easy it is possible.

So here some of my favourite recovery blogs which I would recommend reading if you are suffering from an eating disorder, supporting a family member, loved one or friend or you just wish to build your understanding and awareness of the topic.

Enjoy and let me know what you think and if you blogs you would like to recommend, I am always eager to find new ones!

  • Lord still loves me - Julia's blog documents her recovery from anorexia, she is highly inspiring and personally is one of my favourite bloggers. I am genuinely excited when she publishes a new blog post. Julia has started moving away from so many recovery blog posts and documents more about her life - which for me in itself is so high inspiring and motivating! That for someone their eating disorder is no longer the sole purpose of the interest and life. However, Julia has an immense catalogue of recovery resources with guidelines and what has helped her to reach this stage in her life. Recovery is a long road and while I know Julia still pushes through the thoughts she is determined to push through this!

  • Life without anorexia - Life without anorexia is about a girl from Sweden's recovery fro, anorexia. I am actually not sure what her name is - if anyone knows please enlighten me! She provides a wealth of information about recovery and how to tackle it as well as blogging about her day to day life. I have read this blog extensively - especially when I was in the mist of my relapse it is very inspiring and reassuring to read! Definitely one to check out for information - check out the FAQ and recovery resources tab - they are not ones to be missed!

  • Rough recovery - Daniel's recovery blog is one I have found more recently via Twitter, like me he is fairly new the blogging world and again like me is documenting his recovery from anorexia. Daniel's blog posts is both refreshingly honest and insightful. He discusses the ups and downs of recovery and does not sugar coat the fact that it is hard work, which is why it appeals to me so much. His blog posts are so well articulated that sometimes when I am thinking about a blogging post I am half tempted to just re-direct people here! One post that really stands out is the one where he discusses his issues with weighing food and what processes he has put in place to help him overcome it. This is something which really resonates with me and I find his tips incredibly useful with progressing in my own recovery. Also while linking up to Daniel's blog I saw that he is a PHD student in Computer Science - phew that is way too intellectual for me! Do check out Daniel's baking page, those recipes are definitely on my list of things to make!

  • Dream, recover, live - I was recommended Sarah's recovery blog by inpatient's therapist. I remember him telling me that there was a lot of similarities in what I discussed in our therapy sessions to Sarah's blog post. Since then I have been an active reading of Dream, recovery, live. It is insightful and to be honest provides the brutal reality of living and recovering from an eating disorder. She doesn't hide or shy away from the nitty gritty parts and provides an honest account when things are not going so well. I often feel with Sarah's blog posts that she is letting you in to see a small portion of her life, they are like diary entries but she is always careful to be respectful of others.

  • Recovering for chocolate - Recovering for chocolate, what more can I say? A girl after my own heart! I really enjoy reading Allie's recovery blog - she shows how it can be done and addresses all the fears we have in recovery from gaining too much weight to how distribute calories in a day, she tackles a lot of recovery fears and provides good tips on how to tackle them! Definitely one to follow.

  • One more mum - This blog documents a mum's journey trying to support her daughter through anorexia and helping her to recover. This is really insightful for understanding what carers are going through and the difficulties they are facing. I really enjoy reading it from the other side and having a different perspective of anorexia and how it can affect the people around you. While "One more mum" doesn't blog as frequently now (which is a good thing as her daughter is doing incredibly well in her recovery) I enjoy catching up when she does and also to read through her past blog posts.

  • Lets Recover - This blog is amazing! I have used this a lot during my recovery from my relapse, it addresses everything in recovery and I mean everything. Calories, water weight, maintenance, EVERYTHING! I cannot recommend this blog highly enough. Read it, trust me, every question you have ever had, any doubts or hesitations they will be addressed here. I have spent hours on this blog before reading up about recovery and I can honestly say it is truly inspiring. What I like most about this blog - is that it is a recovery bible but it is written by people who have experienced it, they are not doctors these are girls in recovery who have done it and pushed themselves through the hard difficult times. They are not people just giving advice, they have proven it can be done. I would definitely recommend checking out their blog posts "You are not a unicorn" - fantastic, this is a must for those in recovery!!

So these are a selection of some of my favourite recovery blogs. like I said above I am always on the look out for more so please feel free to recommend!


  1. I love pages like this where relevant blogs are all listed together, I'll have to give them all a read, thanks! x

  2. Thanks Louise! I find it really helpful to have it all in one place as well, let me know if you have any recommendations I am always really interested to hear about other blogs! Xx